The Washington Association of Economic Development District is made up of nine Economic Development Districts (EDD) across the state of Washington.  Washington’s EDD’s are part of a nationwide network of 520 Regional Development Organizations, including the 382 multi-county EDD’s designated by the U.S. Economic Development Administration (EDA).

Our EDD’s are focused on strengthening local governments, communities and economies through regional collaboration, comprehensive development strategies and program implementation.  A policy board of local elected officials, business leaders, educators, and citizen representatives govern each regional organization.  Originally created to provide economic development planning services to the regions, EDD’s today are leveraging our EDA planning funds to provide services and manage programs never imagined decades ago.

Like our counterparts nationwide, EDD’s in Washington manage federal and state programs including aging, entrepreneurial development, small business development finance, workforce development, energy and environmental stewardship.  While each EDD has a defined region within its service area we believe that local governments, along with business and community leaders, can accomplish more by working together than individually.  By taking this holistic approach to regional community and economic development, opportunities and challenges can become team functions, creating strength in numbers.

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